1999, New Years Eve. An Afghan housewife in a London suburb lives cut off from society by her controlling husband. In secret, with the aid of a present gifted by her mother, she sets out to reconnect with the world.

Bibi, the Farsi word for both woman of the house and ‘look’ i.e. ‘look at this Ghazal!’, is a short film that teaches us to be absurd and make unexpected decisions.

An Afghan story on screen that does not reference war in the last 30 years is hard to come by (if you know one, please send it our way!). This short was written to break away from that narrative.

Not only British people but Afghan’s themselves have preconceived ideas within the community of what women should be doing. In Bibi, we try to turn these preconceptions of the ‘woman’s place’ on their head and stir the pot. We show that, in the end, no matter how much we tend to one pot, another woman’s remains unstirred and stagnant, stuck in a life unfitting for her dreams and desires.

Counting the number of women, young and old, that would have loved to see this story in the last twenty years, it is now my chance to make this for them (and selfishly, the little me). No one can deny that it feels good to see yourself on screen, and to see someone break the box of who you are ‘destined’ to be.

With dialogue in Farsi and English, this is one of very few scripts in the world which merges Afghan language and culture with ‘British-ness’.

We would greatly appreciate your support in getting this short film made. Our Kickstarter will soon be live and when it is please share it with your friends and family <3 

Full disclosure: We have applied for funding with the BFI however our budget outweighs the maximum fund they will award us. We have to receive our additional funding before mid-august prior to being awarded any from the BFI if they choose to help us out.