Say Something, Emma-Jean Thackray

This video was made possible by Three Minutes (an incubator scheme for young directors by Crack magazine and Groundwork) with Burberry, Shure and BFI Network

You can go behind the scenes and read an interview with me about it on Crack Magazine here.

Emma-Jean Thackray
Drums - Dougal Taylor
Keys - Lyle Barton
Sousophone - Ben Kelly
Choir - Dre / Andrea Phillips
Choir - Ssega Kiwanuka

Pristine Woman - Chloe Curry
Supermodel Woman - Joe Bates
Moustache Man - Kenny Lee
Flash Gordan Man - Nasir Ghaffar

Director - Avesta Keshtmand
Exec. Producer - Aaron Z. Willson
Exec. Producer - Duncan Harrison
Producer - Scarlett Barclay
DOP - Amelia Hazlerigg
Production Designer - Sarah Asmail
Production Designer - Jimmy Van Twest
Stylist - Simone Beyene
Editor Amber Saunders

Production Assistant - Anna Butler

Steadicam Operator - Justin Theodore
1st AC - Matt Farrant
2nd AC - Elisa Spigariol
Gaffer - Jonny Boomer
Spark - Max Hodgkinson
Spark - Deimante Spainaityte
Spark Trainee - Arthur Tucker

1st AD - Ellicia Lotherington
2nd AD / Runner - Rose Lucas
Runner - Rachel Fleminger Hudson
Art Dept Assistant - Harry Beedle, Krissy Densley, Louis Bhose
Stylist Assistant - Naomi Phillips
Hair/Make-up Artist - Martina Derosa

Covid-19 Supervisor - Tera Pechmannova
BTS Photographer - Jerry Dobson

Location - The Archives (Purpose Group)
Security - Daniyal Awan
Camera by Panavision
Lighting by Greenkit
Catering by Honey & Thyme

Post production / VFX by Glassworks

Lead 2D Artists Nils Crompton, Alexis da Camara, Hugo Rodríguez Rodríguez
Title Design Nils Crompton
Rotoscoping Leonardo Grassi
MCR Andy Kidd
Chief Operating Officer Chris Kiser
Head of Production Belen Palos
Producer(s) Jamie McCubbin, Athene Aristocleous

Colour by Company 3
Colourist: James Slattery
Colour Producer: Cody Cardarelli